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Smiggle watch


this watch is from smiggle and if you touch the screen you can see the time! TAP'N'TIME

this amazing stuff can tell you the time, date and also it counts from 0 to 60


this cool watch is cooler than you think!it is:

                                                                          ・water proof

                                                                          ・glittery and many more colors at the shop

this short video down below will teach you how to adjust the time on the watch.

<Here short video is coming soon.>

i bought this watch because i love this color and also the system is so easy[JUST TAP AND IT WORKS]!   this was my first watch and even if you don't know how to read clocks,it is easy for people to see the time quickly.


i'v been using this watch from last month or so and i think it is very GOOD in case you forget the date too.under the sun,you can not see that clear but not ,that blur.

just put your hand on top of the clock so no sunshine makes it shiny. but even though the sun is bright i can see the letters in orange but usually,it is red.

even though you put on the watch for so long,you won't sweat or feel heavy.

you can also use it as an accessories when the time is not shown on the watch because you can only see the time unless you touch the screen 

The different colors are: purple, pink, green, black, blue

i chose the light blue because i like the color so much and it just is good










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