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smiggle introduction and where the shop is (Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong, USA?, Japan?)


what is Australia in Smiggle? smiggle was born in 2003、even it is still famous around world!  the goal for smiggle is、original、fun、and unique creativity the name Smiggle is standing for、smile and giggle as you can see. Smiggle shop site(AUSTRALIA)   the colorful shop  if you get inside the shop、pop colored stationary。the fashionable and cute some decoration for your house. bag, accessories, pencil case, water bottle, and some stationary(color pencil, rubber, note) , watch, smart phone and toy. these are for girls   these are for boys   Smiggle's charm point ohh i must have that! so much cute stuff. pop color ...

Smiggle 私のお気に入り

Smiggle Pop Out Pencil Cases


English (United States) 日本語                                                                       hi! today, i am gonna talk about my new pencil case from Smiggle.  can you see the sticker on the pencil case? it is a sticker to represent smiggle's 15th birthday! the sticker is very important so don't waste it people!  this pencil case is a pop out pencil case and it has: pencil sharpener             ...


Smiggle watch


English (United States) 日本語 this watch is from smiggle and if you touch the screen you can see the time! TAP'N'TIME this amazing stuff can tell you the time, date and also it counts from 0 to 60   this cool watch is cooler than you think!it is:                                                                           ・water proof                           ...


Smiggle Hardtop Pencil Cases


English (United States) 日本語 today, i am gonna talk to you about my favorite pencil case. it is a pencil case that has many place to put your pencil.  this pencil case is a hardtop case from smiggle ! i will show you how many layer their is, after you answer my question.   and now, the QUIZ   HOW MANY PENCIL CASE DO YOU THINK I HAVE on the picture down below?     any ways, have you ever wondered the types of smiggle pencil cases and how many there is? if you have, i have an answer for ya'll. ...

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