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Smiggle Hardtop Pencil Cases


today, i am gonna talk to you about my favorite pencil case.

it is a pencil case that has many place to put your pencil. 

this pencil case is a hardtop case from smiggle !

i will show you how many layer their is, after you answer my question.


and now, the QUIZ


HOW MANY PENCIL CASE DO YOU THINK I HAVE on the picture down below?



any ways, have you ever wondered the types of smiggle pencil cases and how many there is?

if you have, i have an answer for ya'll. There is 4 types of pencil cases in Smiggle:

                                                                                                                                  ・HARD TOP                                                               

                                                                                                                                  ・POP OUT                                         








i bet ya think that i have two pencil cases, nope,  you are wrong. it is only one pencil case

this is my pencil case and it is a hard top. it has three layers of pencil case.










did you guess it right? 

in this pencil case, you literally can put any single thing in it because there is tons of place to put things in. look at the image above.

if you wanna see more about smiggle or any other pencil case, just look at my other articles. later on, you can see more about smiggle!


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