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smiggle introduction and where the shop is (Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong, USA?, Japan?)


what is Australia in Smiggle?

smiggle was born in 2003、even it is still famous around world! 

the goal for smiggle is、original、fun、and unique creativity

the name Smiggle is standing for、smile and giggle as you can see.

Smiggle shop site(AUSTRALIA)


the colorful shop 

if you get inside the shop、pop colored stationary。the fashionable and cute some decoration for your house. bag, accessories, pencil case, water bottle, and some stationary(color pencil, rubber, note) , watch, smart phone and toy.

these are for girls


these are for boys


Smiggle's charm point

ohh i must have that! so much cute stuff. pop color and glitterly stuff.  unicorn, cat, owl and bunnies. Do you like any of them?if you do, you should like SMIGGLE like me.

i bet you want to have a collection.different color or different character that is a must on every ones list.

one by one,i like it when there is surprise, like my hard top pencil of mine.it has two designs on one pencil case because of the front design and the back design. Now, i am gonna introduce you some of the item from 


bag, accessories, pencil case, stationary and many more.

Smiggle shop site   these  are a bit from the site.

iPhone phone cases(unicorn!!!!!!!)


some gifts for friends! [how colorful]




pencil case



the description down below has all the thing that i bought

pop out pencil case 10th birthday

my pop out pencil case

hard top pencil case

my hard top pencil case


my smiggle watch


smiggle goo&slime


the history of smiggle

Stephen Meurs and Peter Pausewang made smiggle for kids five to forteen, fun, attractive, fashionable, i bet you want to collect the things、and a reasonable stationary.

the first shop was born in Melbourne, Australia on 2003. the small stuff bright pen, note book, small gadget be came popular around Australia. smiggle caught the eye of the Just Group - Australasia's most exciting fashion & apparel retailer. Smiggle joined the Just Group in August 2007.

smiggle went splendid and now, there is more then 20 shop around the world

on 2008 new zealand was the first place  over sea store for smiggle

on 2011, singapore

on 2014, UK 

on 2016, malaysia and hong kong


where is the shop in USA? (us store)

sorry, there is no shop in USA yet as for September 2018 but there still is a lot of shop's in UK and Australia.

Hong Kong=14



New Zealand=23


in USA, there is no shop so if any one gets it for you as a present, that will be lucky.but you will still wanna buy stuff your self, RIGHT?

Well there is a website shopping for the amazing smiggle.


Smiggle web site



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