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Smiggle Pop Out Pencil Cases



hi! today, i am gonna talk about my new pencil case from Smiggle. 

can you see the sticker on the pencil case? it is a sticker to represent smiggle's 15th birthday!

the sticker is very important so don't waste it people! 

this pencil case is a pop out pencil case and it has: pencil sharpener


                                                                                  eraser keeper                                                

                                                                                  can pop out the pencil from the side                                                          

                                                                                  and at the back, there is a place to put ruler,highlighters and any pens              

these are the type of the smiggle pencil case

there is FOUR buttons

this picture is the picture with all the buttons pressed and the main bit open.

this amazing pencil case has a perfect place to fit your eraser on the bottom right. 

and you do not have to buy any sharpener because the sharpener is literally stuck on the pencil case! HaHaHa!

the sneaky calculator for a MATH test?

2018 is a 15th birthday for Smiggle because smiggle has opened in 2003. and this pencil case represent the aniversary. 

are you bored of opening the same old pencil case? you can get the pencil case with pressing ONE single button!!!!!!!!!

and at the back, there is a place to put some highlighter and some pens.

the best thing about this is you can be lazy and just press a button! 

you can even put your time tables on the front of the pencil case. and at the back, put your name and your email address so if you loose it is okay.



this sticker on the back shows some serious stuff  so read it and then peel it of so you will not get in trouble.




-Smiggle, 私のお気に入り

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